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Hi, I'm Colin Tipping.

Welcome to the Radical Weight Loss Program. And thanks for your interest.

You’re probably wondering what’s radical about this weight loss program. Well, it’s radical because it uses the technology of Radical Forgiveness to help you lose weight. Yes, I know that seems like a real stretch to link the two things - but let me explain how it works.

Over the ten years that we have been working with people helping them forgive or let go of what may have happened to them in their past, we have found, almost invariably, a direct relationship between a person’s emotional "baggage" and the degree to which they are over-weight.

These days, even the medical profession concedes that there is no separation between mind and body, so it’s not such a crazy an idea as it first seems.

The content of our mind, especially those ‘stories’ that have strong emotion attached to them — ones that we might have buried deep in our subconscious minds sometimes manifest as disease, but much more often as excess weight.

While at first blush this may seem a bad thing, we cannot ignore the fact that the weight may also be serving a function — one that has everything to do with our survival. What I mean by that is that in many cases the weight represents a form of self-protection. I go into this in more detail in the text below.

If it is playing this important role of protecting you, it is not surprising then that the body resists all attempts to drop the weight. .... It wouldn't feel safe without it. Given this fact, it’s small wonder then, that diets fail to work over the long term. They just don’t address the underlying problem.

That’s where Radical Forgiveness comes in. It is the key to genuine weight-loss because it removes the emotional need for the weight to be there at all.

Radical Forgiveness is the most effective way we know to release deeply held emotional pain ... without having to go digging it up and processing it psychologically.... as you would in standard psychotherapy.

Unlike traditional forgiveness, which is difficult and takes forever, Radical Forgiveness is quick, easy and very simple. Anyone can do it because we provide the tools that make it work. And we have adapted them specifically for this weight loss program.

Though this program might not be for everyone, it is difficult to know for sure if it will be right for you. That’s because often times the story responsible for the weight is so deeply buried, you might have no idea that it’s there.

So, why not try our questionnaire. It won’t provide a definitive answer, but you will probably know intuitively by the end whether or not your weight problem is connected to some deep-seated emotional issue —even if you don’t know what it is. So download it now and give it a try.

Bear in mind too, that we also offer a no-risk, 30 day, money-back guarantee, which means you have nothing to lose.

So now back to the web page where you will find even more exciting details about this program. Thank you for listening.

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